Virginia Freire

Virginia Freire was a doctoral student working with Dr. R. Stotler and Dr. B. Crandall-Stotler in the Department of Plant Biology. The topic of her research was a revision of the Latin American Fossombroniineae. This would be ultimately integrated to form a monograph of this liverwort suborder. This project was supported by PEET grant (DEB-9521883) from the National Science Foundation.

Virginia obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology in the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala; and her M. S. in Plant and Soil Sciences at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Her Masters thesis was "Genetic transformation of Coffea arabica L. using Agrobacterium as a vector". Special interests: bryology, ethnobotany (particularly medicinal plants), molecular biology, hand crafts, drawing, hiking and admiring nature.

Virginia can be reached at