Type Specimen

Plate 1

Figure 1-7.
  1. Androcryphia porphyroleuca [= Fossombronia porphyrorhiza (Nees) Prosk.] Jungermannia porphyrorhiza, Serra de Piedade e J. pinguis lecta: Although the packet consists mostly of the liverwort Noteroclada. Nees named Jungermannia porphyrorhiza (1833), based on this collection. Two drawings by Gottsche are with the specimen.

  2. Gottsche drawing of a Fossombronia plant portion of the specimen; note the naked archegonia.

  3. Gottsche drawing of a Noteroclada portion of the specimen; note the antheridia and an immature sporophyte.

  4. The plant stem likely used for the drawing in Fig. 3 was found in a sub packet of the main collection.

  5. The presence of Fossombronia with archegonia was later mentioned by Stephani (in litt.) and Proskauer (Bryologist 58: 195. 1955). Stems of the F. porphyrorhiza material currently found in the packet lack gametangia. Among the characters that define this specimen are the purple rhizoids and distant leaves with a postical decurrency.

  6. Additional defining characters of the leaves are elongate median cells and distinct marginal cells.

  7. Riccardia and Aneura were found as community associates.