R. M. Schust. - 1982. Nova Hedwigia 36: 10.
(Type species: Sandeothallus radiculosa (Schiffn.) R. M. Schust.)

Each entry of this nomenclator links to the protologue (Gk. protos, first, logos, discourse) which includes everything associated with that name when it was first published. Information from these data are used in the determination of the nomenclatural type for that name, being that element (usually a preserved specimen) to which that name is permanently attached. The abbreviations T:, TL:, D:, B:, and S: refer, respectively, to TYPE specimen, TYPE LOCATIONS (herbarium of deposit), DATA for nomenclatural types, BASIONYM (base name), and STATUS of the taxon, i.e., whether it is accepted or regarded as a synonym. Names that are not validly published are provided with the appropriate Article number in the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (McNeill, J. et al. 2006. I.C.B.N. Regnum Vegetabile 146: i-xviii + 568 pp. Entries in [square brackets] include reference to published typifications and corrections to the nomenclator Index Hepaticarum; 1962–1990, J. Cramer, Weinheim; Vaduz; Berlin).


japonicus (Inoue) Crand.-Stotl. & Stotler - 2007. Nova Hedwigia, Beiheft 131: 58.

T: sub Moerckia japonicia.
B: Moerckia japonica Inoue - 1985. Bulletin of the National Science Museum, Series B, Botany 11: 8

T: Holotype: Iwatsuki & Sharp 135.
TL: NICH-92392, Isotype TNS
D: Mt. Tateyama, Toyama Pref., Japan; subalpine district at ca. 2000 m alt., on moist soil on bank
S: Nomenclatural synonym of Sandeothallus japonicus


radiculosus (Schiffn.) R. M. Schust. - 1982. Nova Hedwigia 36: 11.

T: sub Moerckia radiculosa.
B: Moerckia radiculosa Schiffn. - 1901. Österreichische Botanische Zeitschrift 51: 48, 50, 51. [pp. 8, 10, 11 of reprint]

T: Lectotype: Stahl 41
D: Java.
S: Accepted species