PELLIA EPIPHYLLA - reproductive population from southern Illinois, USA


Suborder Pelliineae


A worldwide monograph of the simple thalloid liverwort suborder Pelliineae is in progress, a PEET project funded by NSF. When completed, this page will provide the following: a nomenclator, validated bibliography, links to herbarium specimens with distributional data, ecological notes for select taxa, a taxon/character data matrix, descriptions of all accepted taxa, interactive identification keys to all recognized taxa, a list of synonyms linked to the accepted correct name, a catalog of the type specimens accompanied with electronic images of plant habits and SEM micrographs of spores, distribution maps for all accepted taxa, and plates featuring SEM micrographs of diagnostic characters (sample) from the published monograph. The final product will allow users to identify any member of this suborder found anywhere in the world.