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This nomenclator contains all specific and infraspecific names (except subvarieties, forms and subforms) attributed to the suborder. No categories between genus and species are recognized at this time. All effectively published epithets are included (whether validly published or not) as are all herbarium names. Author names are abbreviated according to Brummitt and Powell (l992, Authors of Plant Names, Royal Bot. Gardens,Kew) updated and online now within The International Plant Names Index [IPNI] <>. Following the Melbourne Code (2012, International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi, and Plants, the use of "in" is strictly bibliographic whereas the use of "ex" is employed throughout. To facilitate user access, all bibliographic references are given in full following B-P-H, B-P-H/S (1968, 1991, Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum, B-P-H/Supplementum, Hunt Bot. Library, Hunt Inst. Bot. Documentation,Pittsburg) and TL2 (1976 - 1988, Taxonomic Literature 2nd. ed., vols. I - VII, Bohn, Scheltelma, & Holkema, Utrecht), available online <>.  Nomenclatural status is given if a name is known to be illegitimate (nom. illeg.), not validly published, or unpublished with reference to the appropriate Article of the Code. The abbreviations T:, TL:, D:, B:, and S:, refer, respectively, to TYPE specimen data, TYPE LOCATIONS (herbarium of deposit), DATA available for nomenclatural types, primarily from Index Hepaticarum (1962-1990, J. Cramer, Weinheim; Vaduz; Berlin), BASIONYM (base name), and STATUS of the taxon, i.e., whether it is accepted or synonomized. When necessary, additional information is added in [square brackets] to clarify or expand an entry.


Suborder -Fossombroniineae

Family - Petalophyllaceae
Genus - Petalophyllum - (Taxa)
Genus - Sewardiella - (Taxa)
Family - Allisoniaceae
Genus - Allisonia - (Taxa)
Genus - Calycularia - (Taxa)
Family - Fossombroniaceae
Genus - Austrofossombronia - (Taxa)
Genus - Fossombronia - (Taxa)
Genus - Androcryphia - (Taxa)
Genus - [Codonia] - Nom. illeg. : Art. 64.1 - (Taxa)
[Genus - Jungermannia - (Basionym Page)]