James R. Bray Jr.

James (Jimbo) was a doctoral student with Dr. Raymond Stotler and Dr. Barbara Crandall-Stotler in the Department of Plant Biology. His masters thesis is entitled: The Life History of a Fossombronia Raddi Community at Jackson Hollow, Pope County, Illinois and the Reproductive Biology of F. foveolata Lindb. This research was supported by PEET grant (DEB-9521883) from the National Science Foundation.

Jimbo was involved in a monographic revision of the liverwort suborder Fossombroniineae. His dissertation consisted of a revision of the North American and European species of this suborder. This work would be integrated with other revisionary studies of this suborder to complete the worldwide monograph.

Additional interest include the overall biology of bryophytes, modern and classical taxonomic methods, bryophyte morphology, street rods and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Jimbo can be reached at jbray@siu.edu