All names of the Fossombroniineae and their status may be viewed alphabetically in our complete name list Nomenclator. This page, however, includes only the names of the some taxa and their synonyms. Each synonym links to the completed treatment for the accepted correct name. (in progress).


Suborder -Fossombroniineae



Fossombronia akinesis = Fossombronia japonica


Fossombronia americana = Fossombronia texana


Fossombronia angulosa v. caespitiformis = Fossombronia caespitiformis


Fossombronia angulosa v. subimmarginata = Fossombronia angulosa.


Fossombronia australi- nipponica = Fossombronia japonica


Fossombronia australis = Austrofossombronia australis


Fossombronia brasiliensis = Fossombronia porphyrorhiza


Fossombronia brasiliensis v. lamellifera = Fossombronia texana


Fossombronia brasiliensis v. leucorhiza = Fossombronia foveolata


Fossombronia caespitiformis v. subcristata = Fossombronia caespitiformis


Fossombronia capensis= Fossombronia crispa.


Fossombronia capensis v. spiralis = Fossombronia crispa


Fossombronia colombica = Fossombronia lamellata


Fossombronia confertilamellata = Fossombronia densilamellata


Fossombronia corbulaeformis = Petalophyllum ralfsii


Fossombronia cristata = Fossombronia wondraczekii


Fossombronia cristula v. verdoornii = Fossombronia japonica


Fossombronia crozalsii = Fossombronia mittenii


Fossombronia cubana = Fossombronia texana


Fossombronia dumortieri v. robusta = Fossombronia foveolata


Fossombronia foreaui = Fossombronia japonica


Fossombronia hispidissima = Fossombronia longiseta


Fossombronia husnotii = Fossombronia caespitiformis v. multispira


Fossombronia incurva v tenera = Fossombronia incurva


Fossombronia intermedia = Fossombronia echinata


Fossombronia loitlesbergeri = Fossombronia pusilla


Fossombronia macounii = Fossombronia wondraczekii


Fossombronia mauritanica = Fossombronia caespitiformis v. multispira


Fossombronia mexicana = Fossombronia texana.


Fossombronia microspora = Fossombronia reticulata


Fossombronia pallidirrhiza = Fossombronia himalayensis


Fossombronia peruviana = Austrofossombronia peruviana


Fossombronia ptychophylla = Austrofossombronia peruviana


Fossombronia pusilla v. capitata = Fossombronia wondraczekii


Fossombronia pusilla v. corsa = Fossombronia pusilla


Fossombronia pusilla ssp. cristatella = Fossombronia foveolata


Fossombronia pusilla v. decipiens = Fossombronia pusilla


Fossombronia pusilla v. maritima = Fossombronia pusilla


Fossombronia pusilla v.ochrospora = Fossombronia pusilla


Fossombronia salina = Fossombronia foveolata


Fossombronia spinosa = Fossombronia spinifolia


Fossombronia tenuifolia = Fossombronia pusilla


Fossombronia trinitensis = Fossombronia porphyrorhiza


Fossombronia tuberifera = Fossombronia lamellata


Fossombronia verrucosa = Fossombronia caespitiformis v. multispira


Fossombronia wondraczekii v. caespiticia = Fossombronia wondraczekii


Fossombronia wondraczekii v. purpurascens = Fossombronia wondraczekii


Fossombronia wondraczekii v. rubella = Fossombronia wondraczekii


Fossombronia zeyheri = Fossombronia crispa