Mitten - 1861. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London 5: 122
(Type species: Calycularia crispula Mitten)


Each entry of this nomenclator links to the protologue (Gk. protos, first, logos, discourse) which includes everything associated with that name when it was first published. Information from these data are used in the determination of the nomenclatural type for that name, being that element (usually a preserved specimen) to which that name is permanently attached. The abbreviations T:, TL:, D:, B:, and S: refer, respectively, to TYPE specimen, TYPE LOCATIONS (herbarium of deposit), DATA for nomenclatural types, BASIONYM (base name), and STATUS of the taxon, i.e., whether it is accepted or regarded as a synonym. Names that are not validly published are provided with the appropriate Article number in the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (McNeill, J. et al. 2006. I.C.B.N. Regnum Vegetabile 146: i-xviii + 568 pp. Entries in [square brackets] include reference to published typifications and corrections to the nomenclator Index Hepaticarum; 1962–1990, J. Cramer, Weinheim; Vaduz; Berlin).


birmensis Steph. - 1900. Species Hepaticarum 1: 359.

T: Lectotype: Fraser, 23 p. p.
D: Burma, Himalayas


blytii (Moerck) Steph. - 1900. Species Hepaticarum 1: 360

T: sub Jungermannia blyttii
B: Jungermannia blyttii Moerck in Hornem. - 1830. Flora Danica 12 (fasc. 34): 6, tab. 2004.

T: Lectotype: Blytt
TL: O; isolectotypes O, S
D: Norway. (Klunken), Stördalen
S: Nomenclatural synomym of Moerckia blyttii


cockaynii K. I. Goebel ex Steph. - 1917. Species Hepaticarum 6: 70.

T: Lectotype: Goebel
D: New Zealand


crispula Mitten - 1861. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London 5: 122.

T: Lectotype: Hooker 1679
D: Himalayas. Sikkim, 6000 ft.


flotoviana (Nees) Steph. ex Bonner - 1963. Index Hepaticarum, Pars III: 447.

T: sub Cordaea flotoviana
B: Cordaea flotoviana Nees - 1833. Flora 16: 405.

T: Lectotype: Hrn. v. Flotow [493]
TL: STR; isotypes: PC, (3) STR
D: 2 März 1833 in der Stube gereift; H[irschberg] Gr[unauer] Sp[itzberg]
S: Nomenclatural synonym of Moerckia flotoviana


formosana Horikawa - 1934. Journal of Science of the Hiroshima University, ser. B. Div. 2. 2: 137.

T: Lectotype: Horikawa 9118.
D: Formosa (Taiwan), Mt. Morrison, Tainan Prov.


golae Gerola - 1947. Lavori di Botanica, Instituto dell'Universitá di Torino 12: 473.

T: Lectotype: Vatova s.n.
D: Abyssinia


hibernica (Hook.) Steph. - 1900. Species Hepaticarum 1: 359.

T: sub Jungermannia hibernica
B: Jungermannia hibernica Hook. - 1816. British Jungermanniae, tab. 78 & Suppl. pl. IV.

T: Lectotype: Dr. Taylor, 1814
TL: BM; syntypes BM, E, G, MANCH
D: Ireland, Lough Bray
S: Nomenclatural synonym of Moerckia hibernica.


laxa Lindb. & Arnell - 1889. Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps Academiens Handlingar 23: 66.

T: Lectotype: 2 VIII 1876, Sahlberg
D: Siberia


radiculosa (Sande-Lac.) Steph. - 1893 Hedwigia 32: 146.

T: sub Blyttia radiculosa Sande Lac
B: Blyttia radiculosa Sande Lac - 1856[1867]. Synopsis Hepaticarum Java: 93.

T: Lectotype: Teysmann [Herb. Dozy et Molkenboer]
D: Java
S: Nomenclatural synonym of Pallavicinia radiculosa


radiculosa Steph. ex Schiffn. [non Sande Lac.] - 1898. Conspectus Hepaticarum Archipelagi Indici: 66.

S: Nom. Illeg. (Art. 53) = later homonym of Calycularia radiculosa (Sande Lac. ) Steph. (= Moerckia radiculosa Schiffn. = Sandeothallus radiculosus (Schiffn.) R. M. Schust.)