R. M. Schust. - 1994. Hikobia 11: 441.
(Type species: Austrofossombronia marionensis R. M. Schust.)


Each entry of this nomenclator links to the protologue (Gk. protos, first, logos, discourse) which includes everything associated with that name when it was first published. Information from these data are used in the determination of the nomenclatural type for that name, being that element (usually a preserved specimen) to which that name is permanently attached. The abbreviations T:, TL:, D:, B:, and S: refer, respectively, to TYPE specimen, TYPE LOCATIONS (herbarium of deposit), DATA for nomenclatural types, BASIONYM (base name), and STATUS of the taxon, i.e., whether it is accepted or regarded as a synonym. Names that are not validly published are provided with the appropriate Article number in the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (McNeill, J. et al. 2006. I.C.B.N. Regnum Vegetabile 146: i-xviii + 568 pp. Entries in [square brackets] include reference to published typifications and corrections to the nomenclator Index Hepaticarum; 1962–1990, J. Cramer, Weinheim; Vaduz; Berlin).




australis (Mitt.) R. M. Schust. - 1994. Hikobia 11: 445-448.

T: sub Fossombronia australis.
B: Fossombronia australis Mitt. - 1876. Journal of the Linnean Society. Botany 15: 73.

T: syntypes: New Zealand, Heard Island, Tasmania.
D: New Zealand, Heard Island (Kerguelens), Tasmania.
[the entry "Admiralty Islands" in IH is in error.]
S: = Fossombronia australis


marionensis R. M. Schust. - 1994. Hikobia 11: 441-444.

T: Holotype: Marion Island, Schuster 88-501
TL: Hb Schuster (not at F)
D: Prince Edward Islands: Marion Island.
S: = Fossombronia australis


peruviana (Gottsche & Hampe) Stotler, Crand.-Stotl. & A.V. Freire - Haussknechtia, Beiheft 9: 76.

T: sub Fossombronia peruviana.
B: Fossombronia peruviana Gottsche & Hampe - 1854. Linnaea 27: 555-556

T: Lectotype: Lechler 1723
D: Peru, Cordill. de Puno, in rivulis
S: = Fossombronia peruviana