ANDROCRYPHIA (Nom. illeg.)

Nees - 1846. Synopsis Hepaticarum: 470.
(Type species: Androcryphia porphyrorhiza (Nees) Nees)

Each entry of this nomenclator links to the protologue (Gk. protos, first, logos, discourse) which includes everything associated with that name when it was first published. Information from these data are used in the determination of the nomenclatural type for that name, being that element (usually a preserved specimen) to which that name is permanently attached. The abbreviations T:, TL:, D:, B:, and S: refer, respectively, to TYPE specimen, TYPE LOCATIONS (herbarium of deposit), DATA for nomenclatural types, BASIONYM (base name), and STATUS of the taxon, i.e., whether it is accepted or regarded as a synonym. Names that are not validly published are provided with the appropriate Article number in the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (McNeill, J. et al. 2006. I.C.B.N. Regnum Vegetabile 146: i-xviii + 568 pp. Entries in [square brackets] include reference to published typifications and corrections to the nomenclator Index Hepaticarum; 1962–1990, J. Cramer, Weinheim; Vaduz; Berlin).


confluens (Taylor ex Hook. & Wilson) - 1846. Synopsis Hepaticarum: 471.

T: sub Noteroclada confluens
B: Noteroclada confluens Taylor ex Hook. & Wilson - 1844. London Journal of Botany 3: 166.

T: Lectotype: Gardner 32
TL: FH; Isotypes: BM; E, G, MANCH, NY
D: Brazil. Organ Mts., on a moist bank
S: Nom. illeg.; Nom. Superfluous (Art. 52.1) ≡ Noteroclada confluens


confluens (Taylor ex. Hook. & Wilson) Nees var. major Herzog-1916. Bibliotheca Botanica 21 (87): 270.

T: Lectotype: Herzog 4388, Juni 1911
D:Bolivia, In Gebiet der Cerros de Malaga
S: Nom. invalid; Nom. Nud. (Art. 32) ≡ Fossombronia herzogii


longiseta Austin - 1869. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1869) 21: 228.

T: Lectotype: Bolander. [vide stotler et al., Bryologist 106:136. 2003].
D: U.S.A., California [Texas, Wright in IH is in error = F. texana].
S: Nomenclatural synonym of Fossombronia longiseta


porphyrorhiza (Nees) Nees - 1846. Synopsis Hepaticarum: 470.

T: sub Jungermannia porphyrorhiza.
B: Jungermannia porphyrorhiza Nees in Martius - 1833. Flora Brasiliensis seu enumeratio Plantarum in Brasilia: 343.

T: Lectotype: ?Martius s. n.
D: Brazil, Serra de Piedade.
S: Nomenclatural Synonym of Fossombronia porphyrorhiza


wallichiana Lehm. - Nomen herbariorum

T: Specimen: Wallich
TL: S, W
D: Nepal
S: nom. inval. (Art. 32.1) = Jungermania gollanii Steph.