All names of the Fossombroniineae and their status may be viewed alphabetically in our complete name list Nomenclator. This page, however, includes only the names of the taxa that we accept. Each accepted name links to the completed treatment for that taxon. (in progress).


Suborder Fossombroniineae




Austrofossombronia peruviana (Gottsche & Hampe) Stotler, Crand.-Stotl. & A.V. Freire




Fossombronia alaskana Steere & Inoue


Fossombronia angulifolia Perold


Fossombronia angulosa (Dicks.) Raddi


Fossombronia caespitiformis De Not. ex Rabenh.


Fossombronia caespitiformis ssp. multispira (Schiffn.) J.R. Bray & D.C. Cargill


Fossombronia cederbergensis Perold


Fossombronia crassifolia Spruce


Fossombronia crispa Nees


Fossombronia crispula (Brot.) R. M. Schuster


Fossombronia densilamellata S. W. Arnell


Fossombronia echinata Macvicar


Fossombronia elsieae Perold


Fossombronia fernandeziensis Steph.


Fossombronia fimbriata Paton


Fossombronia fleischeri Osterwald


Fossombronia foveolata Lindb.


Fossombronia gemmifera Perold


Fossombronia glenii Perold


Fossombronia hamato-hirta Steph.


Fossombronia himalayensis Kashyap


Fossombronia hyalorhiza Perold


Fossombronia incurva Lindb.


Fossombronia indica Steph.


Fossombronia intestinalis Taylor


Fossombronia japonica Schiffn.


Fossombronia kashyapii Srivastava & Udar


Fossombronia lamellata Steph.


Fossombronia leucoxantha (Lehm.) Lehm. & Lindenb.


Fossombronia longiseta (Austin) Austin


Fossombronia lophoclada Spruce


Fossombronia luetzelburgiana K. I. Goebel


Fossombronia marindae Perold


Fossombronia mittenii Tind.


Fossombronia montaguensis S. W. Arnell


Fossombronia monticola Perold


Fossombronia mylioides Inoue


Fossombronia papillata Steph.


Fossombronia paranapanemae Schiffn. ex S. W. Arnell


Fossombronia porphyrorhiza (Nees) Prosk.


Fossombronia pusilla (L.) Nees


Fossombronia renateae Perold


Fossombronia reticulata Steph.


Fossombronia rwandaensis Perold


Fossombronia spinifolia Steph.


Fossombronia stephanii Schiffn. ex Steph.


Fossombronia straussiana Perold


Fossombronia swaziensi Perold


Fossombronia texana Lindb.


Fossombronia tumida Mitt.


Fossombronia wondraczekii (Corda) Dumort. ex Lindb.


Fossombronia wrightii Austin




Petalophyllum americanum C.H. Ford & Crand.-Stotl.


Petalophyllum hodgsoniae C.H. Ford & Crand.-Stotl.


Petalophyllum indicum Kashyap


Petalophyllum preissii Lehm.


Petalophyllum ralfsii (Wilson) Nees & Gottsche ex Lehm.


Sewardiella tuberifera Kashyap