Remembering Ray Stotler, botanical scholar and respected collegue

Professor Dr. Raymond E. Stotler, July 28, 2013

Ray Stotler, the creator and administrator of this site since 1995, died on December 4, 2013 after a 2 year battle with cancer. Ray was a renown teacher and researcher, who loved sharing his knowledge and discoveries about bryophytes with students and colleagues around the world. In addition to his published contributions, it was his hope that this site would inspire increased interest in the study of liverworts and related groups. His enthusiasm and professional interactions with colleagues are remembered in the pictures that follow.


Ray with Blanka Shaw and Matt vonKonrat in Ray's office at SIU, preparing to move the 30,000 specimens of the ABLS Liverwort Herbarium to the Field Museum in Chicago, summer 2012.


Ray with Claudio Delgadillo-Moya, at near Toluca volcano, Mexico, summer 1999.


Tomas Pocs, Ray Stotler, Barbara Crandall-Stotler (wife and colleague), and Uwe Drehwald, at Tiananman Square, Beijing China - IAB meeting 1997.


Ray and Patricia Geissler, at her home in Geneva, Switzerland, summer 1994. 


Ray visiting with Riclef Grolle at his home in Jena, Germany, Summer 2004


Ray talking with Richard Zander in the herbarium of the Buffalo Museum of Science, where Richard was Curator at the time, late 1980s


Ray with wife and colleague, Barbara Crandall-Stotler, and Harold L. Whitehouse at the University of Cambridge, late 1990s


Ray with a class of students, learning about bryophytes in the springtime woods of Southern Illinois - spring 2005


Ray and the Tropical Bryology class in May 1997, in Guanica Preserve, at the western end of Puerto Rico


Buying bananas at the market in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico with Ines Saste de Jesus for the day's field trip with the Tropical Bryology class, May 1997


Ray and graduate student Abel Kinser in a sinkhole on Mt. Arthur, New Zealand, in a successful search for Phyllothallia nivicola and Jensenia connivens, January 2002.


Graduation at SIU-Carbondale, Ray with M.S. student Kelsi Scott, May 1999; Kelsi's thesis title: Development of a RAPD Protocol to Investigate the Breeding System and Genetic Variability of Fossombronia foveolata Lindb.


Riclef Grolle (seated), S. Rob Gradstein and B. Crandall-Stotler with Ray outside the meeting center of the IAB in Beijing China - July 1997.


Good friends, Ray and lichenologist Mark R. D. Seaward, enjoying a cheerful time at the International Botanical Congress in Berlin, Germany, in the summer of 1987


Collecting in the crater of Toluca Volcano on the IAB field trip, July 1995; Ray and Barbara in the center, Patricia Geissler by the vehicle, others getting ready to head into the rocks.


Ray checking out a collection with Tomas Pócs in the Venezuelan mountains, Loma Redonda station of the Teleférico de Merida, Venezuela, March 1997.


Visiting Dame Ella Campbell at her residence in Palmerston North, New Zealand, January 2002.


Taking a break at the nomenclature session at the International Botanical Congress in Vienna, Austria,July 2005; Ray with Ben Tan and Gea Zijlstra.


Early work on Assembling the Liverwort Tree of Life with colleagues at the Field Museum in Chicago, December 2005; Ray, Christine Davis, Matt von Konrat, John Engel and Barbara Crandall-Stotler


Ray with Barbara Crandall-Stotler and Cecilia Sérgio on a short field excursion at Monserrate, nr Sintra Portugal, May 2008.


David Long, Barbara Crandall-Stotler and Ray resting along the trail at Pounds Hollow State Park in southern Illinois, at the IAB Foray in 1999.


Ray with Li Zhang (on the right) and Rui-Liang Zhu(on the left) at the International Botanical Congress in Vienna, Austria, July 2005.


Ray working on specimens to locate types at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, as part of our NSF funded PEET monographs of simple thalloid hepatics, November 1999.


Checking out the bookstore, after finishing work in the herbarium of Cambridge University, May 1999


Examining a Frullania with his hand lens, field excursion to Montserrate nr Sintra, Portugal, May 2008.


Ray with Cecilia Sérgio at the Botanical in Lisbon, Portugal, May 2008.


Malcolm (Mack) Sargent, Ray and Dale Vitt at Niscene Marks State Park, nr Santa Cruz, California, for ABLS Foray, July 2008.


ABLS Foray leaders, Jim Shevock (left) and Ken Kellman (right) with Ray, at Niscene Marks State Park, nr Santa Cruz, California, July 2008.


Jeff Duckett and Ray, in the parking lot after the ABLS Foray at Niscene Marks State Park, nr Santa Cruz, California, July 2008.


Former graduate student Scott Schuette with Ray, in the parking lot after the ABLS Foray at Niscene Marks State Park, nr Santa Cruz, California, July 2008.


Dear friend, the lichenologist Mark Seaward, with Ray and Barbara at the joint meeting of ABLS and the International Lichen Association at Monterey Bay, California, July 2008.


Ray with Jiri Vana at ELPT meeting at the Field Museum in Chicago, May 2009.


Ray in the field in Southern Illinois, Round Bluff at Ferne Clyffe State Park, May 2009.