This new page is offered to provide pictures of bryologists, some of whom are now deceased, as they appeared in times past. The photos in this first installment were provided by Dale H. Vitt, unless otherwise indicated.  Many were taken in the field, on forays, or at international conferences.  We hope our users enjoy this new addition to the website and plan to add additional entries to this gallery in future installments.

Second Installment:

Chiara Nepi, Curator and Ray Stotler, University of Firenze Bryophyte Herbarium

Lewis Anderson (seated) and Marshall Crosby, ABLS 100th year celebration at the IBC in St. Louis, July 1999

Margaret Fulford (standing on the left), with her bryology field class, 1959: Raymond Hatcher is standing next to Margaret, Raymond Hollensen is in front of her and Jane Taylor is in the front row on the right.

Patricia Geissler, presenting her poster at the IBC in St. Louis, July 1999

Frans Verdoorn and wife, with Frans Stafleau, Zeist, Netherlands, Sept. 4, 1969

Margaret Fulford and Barbara Crandall-Stotler, IBC in Leningrad, July 1975

Aaron J. Sharp, IBC in Leningrad, July 1975

Ray Stotler, IBC meeting in Leningrad, July 1975

Margaret Fulford, climbing the weather tower at Pico del Oeste, Puerto Rico, spring of 1967

Richard Zander on the IAB Foray to Toluca Volcano in Mexico, July 1995


Timo Koponen and Barbara Crandall-Stotler, IAB Foray to Toluca Volcano, Mexico, July 1995

Támas Pócs and Lars Söderström and the IAB meeting in Mexico City, July 1995

Jan Peter Frahm, Támas Pócs and Ray Stotler on the IAB Foray, Mexico, July 1995

Ray Stotler, Richard Zander, Jan Peter Frahm and Dale Vitt, at Toluca Volcano, Mexico, July 1995

Ray Stotler and Patricia Geissler in the Stephani herbarium in Geneva, spring 1994

Jiri Vána, at Toluca Volcano, Mexico, July 1995

Támas Pócs, at Toluca Volcano, Mexico, July 1995

Timo Koponen, IAB Foray, Mexico, July 1995

Ray and Barbara Stotler, at Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota, March 1994

Noris Salazar-Allen and Steve Churchill, in Panama, March 1996

Ray Stotler, getting coffee at the ABLS foray on the Olympic Peninsula, July 1996


Jeffrey Duckett and S. Rob Gradstein at the Second Bryophylogeny meetings in Gottingen, Germany, September 2004

The world of bryology in 1987 - meeting of the IAB in St. Louis, August 1987

Ten years later, the meeting of the IAB in Beijing, June 1997

Leander Wolstenholme (Curator), Ray Stotler and Lindsey Loughtman (Associate Curator) in the Manchester Museum, Manchester, England, April 2009

Sean Edwards and wife, with a friend at the Manchester Museum, late 1990s

Benito Tan and Ray Stotler, on the IAB Foray in Mexico, July 1995

Guy Brassard, July 1996