This new page is offered to provide pictures of bryologists, some of whom are now deceased, as they appeared in times past. The photos in this first installment were provided by Dale H. Vitt, unless otherwise indicated.  Many were taken in the field, on forays, or at international conferences.  We hope our users enjoy this new addition to the website and plan to add additional entries to this gallery in future installments.

First Installment:

Richard Andrus and Norton Miller


Richard Andrus


Barbara and David Murray in Fairbanks Alaska, 1977


Dominick and Margaret Basile


Helène and André Bischler and Philip Lightowlers


Bill Buck in Toronto, August 1989


Bill Buck, Howard Crum and Dale Vitt at UMBS, August 1989


Howard Crum and Dale Vitt at UMBS, August 1989


Heinjo and Dini During in Scotland, July 1988


Kjell Ivar Flatberg and Dale Vitt in Scotland, July 1988


Jan Peter Frahm and Heinar Streiman at Kananas Kis, August 1989


Jan Peter Frahm in Scotland, July 1988


Jan Peter Frahm, Heinar Streimann and Bill Buck, UMBS, August 1989


Fred Hermann, 1976


Robert Gauthier in Newfoundland, July 1984


Patricia Geissler in Geneva, August 29, 1979


Henk Greven in Scotland, July 1988


Eberhard and Pirkko Hegewald and son, September 1979


Mark O. Hill, Shaun Russell and Dale Vitt at Wickenfern, UK, July 1991


Suzanne and Paul Jovet at the Botanic Garden, Paris, September 1979


Timo Koponen in Finland, August 18, 1979


David Long, Jean Paton, and Gordon Rothero in Scotland, July 1988


Royce Longton and Wilf Schofield, 1971


Wim Margadant at the Geneva field trip, August 1979


Olle Martenson and Elsa Nyholm, 1979


Norton Miller, at Panther Falls, 1978


Norton Miller, Timo Koponen, and Jirí Váa in Switzerland, 1979


Gert Morgensen, in Edmonton


Elsa Nyholm at Dry Island, October 1978


Harumi Ochi, at Geneva Field Trip, August 28, 1979


Támas Pócs in Budapest, September 14, 1979


Támas Pócs in Mexico, 1995


Helen and Frank Ramsay at Meanook, September 1985


Wilf Schofield and Dale Vitt, Prince Rupert area, June 1979


Wilf Schofield, 1977


Rudy Schuster, in Edmonton, December 1980


Aaron Jack Sharp, 1971


Jack Sharp, at Lusk Creek, December 1967


Nancy Slack at Nestow, 1976


Bill Steere


Ray Stotler and Barbara Crandall-Stotler, in their first small, shared workspace at SIUC, December 1969 (picture provided by BJC-S)


Ben Van Zanten, 1979


Dale Vitt and Ray Stotler, at Tulane University, July 1976


Dale Vitt, 1971


Robert Wyatt and Dale Vitt, November 1982


Richard Zander and Ron Pursell


Richard Zander, early 1970s