• Plate I


    Figs. 186-191. Fossombronia mittenii Tind. 186. SEM micrograph of plant with a mature caulocalyx at each branch apex; scale bar = 100 µm. 187. Higher magnification of the caulocalyx on the left branch showing the inciso-lobate mouth and sessile base; scale bar = 100 µm. 188. A second plant with mature caulocalyx and enlarged surrounding leaves; scale bar = 100 µm. 189. Higher magnification of plant in Fig. 188, showing a single antheridium (an) near the base of the caulocalyx; scale bar = 100 µm. 190. OM micrograph of a leaf showing the quadrate too slightly oblate shape; scale bar = 100 µm. 191. OM micrograph of median leaf cells; scale bar = 10 µm. Figs. 186 - 191 from the lectotype of F. mittenii, Mitten s.n. (NY).


  • Plate II


    Figs. 192-196. Fossombronia mittenii Tind. 192. OM micrograph of capsule wall showing the nodular and semi-annular thickenings; scale bar = 10 µm. 193. OM micrograph of spores and a single, bispiraled elater; scale bar = 10 µm. 194, 195. SEM micrographs of distal spore walls showing the cristate to echinate pattern; scale bar = 10 µm. 196. SEM micrograph of the proximal spore wall; scale bar = 10 µm. 197. SEM micrograph of spores and elaters; scale bar = 100 µm. Figs. 192 - 197 from the lectotype of F. mittenii, Mitten s.n. (NY). Stotler & Crandall-Stotler