Plate 1



Figure 1-9. 1 Fossombronia brasiliensis Steph. The original description was based on specimens collected by Ule in Brazil, by Elliot in Dominica and by Wright in Cuba. The collection from Brazil by Ule #109 was selected as lectotype because of the geographic name of this species and also because this particular packet was studied by Stephani. 2 Plants are small with distant leaves of variable shape. 3 Median leaf cells are elongate and marginal cells are distinct. 4 An immature sporophyte, non emergent and still surrounded by the calyptra. Notice the archegonial neck on the upper surface. 5 Mature dehisced capsule at the end of an elongated setae. The pseudoperianth is campanulate. 6 Light micrograph of distal spore wall ornamentation. 7 SEM micrograph of a spore showing complete areolation of the distal surface. 8 Spore showing incomplete areolation or "broken areolae" on the distal surface. 9 Spore showing the proximal face with three characteristic depressions, or "thumb prints", and lack of a conspicuous triradiate ridge.